Glory came into my life as a young puppy and potential show dog. As Glory matured we could see that although beautiful, her structure did not fit the Bichon Frise Breed Standard. However, due to her contract we did show her. 

Glory showed for a year and never was able to obtain a single point. When she showed she gave it her all although she would continue to place behind the winner. After a year it became obvious that Glory was losing her enthusiasm for the show ring, but she would show to please me.

It was about that time when I discovered my previous kennel name "Soquel" (pronounced so-kel') was not only difficult to spell; it was nearly impossible to pronounce. So in honor of Glory, her joie de vivre and her kind and loving spirit, I changed my kennel name to "GloryB" (the "B" was added because that was Glory's nickname). Glory never did become a conformation Champion but she is loved and cherished - a Champion of my heart.

Official Name: Sasikay Soquel Let Freedom Ring

Photo Gallery of Glory:

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