In 2001 my first litter resulted in two beautiful boys, Ch Paray's White Fib of Soquel, "Justice" and Ch Soquel's Special Agent Fox of Paray, "Fox". 

At 12 weeks the two boys were placed in their new homes. It was my habit then, as it is now, to stay in touch with the owners of my puppies. As the months passed I realized that the home where Fox was placed was not working out. I offered to purchase him back but his new owner would do so only if I would pay more than triple what she had paid for him. I was horrified as I could not meet her exorbitant demands. 

Fortunately, an acquaintance of mine came to the rescue, paying Fox's owner what she demanded. Unbeknownst to me, the acquaintance immediately resold Fox to Thailand. I was mortified, absolutely sure that whoever had bought him was going to eat him! My heart broke as I thought I had lost Fox forever. Several years later I received an email from China that said "I think I have your dog." This email began an international friendship ...

Viva Luo, a beautiful Chinese lady had been at a dog show in Thailand where she saw Fox being shown, she tried to buy him at that time but the owners weren't willing to sell. Viva persisted with Fox's handler, Roy, who eventually gave Fox to Viva as a birthday present! Since that time, Viva and Roy have been a couple and steered Fox to the number one dog in China CKU 2006; the number one dog in Thailand 2003 and 2004; the number one dog in Hong Kong 2005 and 2006 and the top living sire in China.

In time, I asked Viva if she could come to America to visit, but she told me that it was extremely difficult for a Chinese National to get an American visa. That didn't stop her though, she went to the visa office, stood in line all day and despite everyone before her being denied a visa, she waited it out until it became her turn. Armed with a photo of Fox and her own charming personality, Viva convinced the official, a dog lover himself, to give her a visa! Since that time Viva has been to the United States many times, When Viva was here in May 2010 she attended the Bichon Frise Club of America's National Specialty winning BEST OF BREED with a dog from my breeding! I will forever be grateful for Viva's kindness and friendship. In October 2011, I went to visit my dear friend in China. As a gift of a lifetime, Viva gave Fox back to me to live the rest of his life running free on the 10 acres I live on in Oregon.


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