If you are interested, please read all of the information about GloryB puppies and then complete the questionnaire.


 Puppies due July 10, 2015. See "News" page for more information.


At GloryB we breed occasionally and when we do a great deal of knowledge and consideration goes into the planning of our litters. Our puppies are raised in our homes and receive proper socialization from the moment they are born.

The parents of our puppies have all of their health clearances prior to being bred and companion puppies are placed on spay/neuter contracts. All of our puppies are quality puppies, derived from generations of correct, healthy Bichons.

When one of our puppies goes to their new home we want it to be a forever home. We take breeding and the placement of our puppies very seriously.

If you are interested in a GloryB puppy we ask that you view the information below.

"But we just want a pet!"

Exactly! We keep and show those Bichons that are closest to the Breed Standard and place those that are evaluated to be companions. The difference between a companion Bichon and a show Bichon is generally insignificant to a pet owner. For example - a tooth or bite that is not correct.

Our Show Quality and Companion Quality puppies are the same quality. That is because they all come from the same parents. Their sire & dam are of superior structure, health and temperament.

To learn more about the placement of our puppies, please read "Bargain Puppy vs Quality Puppy" from the Our Bichons pull down list.  If after reading this, you decide that GloryB is the right breeder for you, please complete and submit our online questionnaire.



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